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Change Your Shoes, Change the World

Guest Post: Change Your Shoes, Change the World

As a natural progression in vegan life, once we tackle the food aspect, we look to how we impact the world in other ways: through our purchasing power. The implications are not immediately apparent, nor as immediately rewarding compared to our eating habits, but they matter immensely. Today, I brought in an expert on vegan fashion. Renee owns her own fashion line and is working to make the world a better place through her company, Threads For Love. She has given us 5 things we can do to make fashion work for everyone.

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How I Quit Shampoo

How I Quit Shampoo (Once And For All)

I was never much of a girly girl. I never learned how to curl my hair, use hair spray or do anything fancy with it. I grew up washing it every day with the cheapest shampoo from the supermarket. I’d let it grow really long and when I was sick of it, I’d chop it all off and repeat. I went through a phase when I was flat ironing it daily, but in truth that was a lot of work. And why was I taking so much time and effort to get rid of my naturally wavy hair?

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My Experience Eating Vegan At Disney World

My Experience Eating Vegan at Disney World

Going to Disney World is not my idea of a dream vacation. Spending more time in line than actual enjoyment, three young children in tow, this is exactly what I did last week. I wasn’t miserable but I was pretty stressed out. Lines were crazy long, it was hot, kids were cranky and least of all, I couldn’t exactly carry around fresh fruit or my Vitamix.

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